02 White


02 White

Product code: 02 White / Hard gel

BLUESKY Hard Gel for long nails enhancements which last more and won’t chip. Use for sculpting elaborate nail art.

Hard gel

Chip free, stunning nails for two to three weeks after application
Use with Bluesky Colour Coat and top and base coat 
Salon quality nails at home without the hefty price tag

Oil on the nail or surface of the product will cause gel and sealers to lift.
Be sure to cleanse properly before applying gel.
Cure gel under UV Lamp
Make sure the lines are refined before any gel is applied to ensure that the white line is crisp and clear.

Manually clean the bits with a brush or put into an ultrasonic cleaner before disinfecting them according to state rules.
Watch the product carefully as you file — when it begins to turn white underneath the file, the product can be removed without damaging the natural nail.

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