04 pink

Product code: 04 pink / Builder Gel

The BLUESKY BUILDER GEL is a complete solution for bonding, building and sealing, designed for Nail Technicians who want to create strong, beautiful curvaceous nails with ease. Choose Builder Gel, when you want to create a super healthy-looking overlay over a natural nail or extension tip. The gel will let the color of the natural nail and tip shine through with an extra glossy finish.

Builder Gel

Quick and easy even for beginners
Mess-free application - no running or flooding
No Chips or Smudges
Cures under either LED or UV Lamp
EU Tested And Approved

Step 1 Apply a thin layer of base coat. Cure under UV/LED lamp for appropriate time. (LED lamp 1 minute, UV lamp 2 minutes)
Step 2 Choose an extension tip that fits the nail size.
Step 3 Apply GUM GEL on the dent side of extension tip. (spread with brush, use cleanser to avoid adhesion.)
Step 4 Cover nail with the gel side of extension tip, clean edges. Cure under UV/LED lamp for appropriate time.
Step 5 Remove extension tip, shape nail.
Step 6 Prep nail surface.
Step 7 Ready for lacquer.

Lightly file over the top of the surface with a 180 grit file to break seal(after the product has soaked off for 10-15 minutes)
Wrap the nail with foil and allow the nail to soak for 10 – 15 minutes. Use orangewood cuticle stick to remove gel.
Additional time may be needed if you have used the Structure Gel to even out the nail.

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